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Whenever talking about the leading exchange in the crypto industry, we always come across Binance as one of the most unrivaled options. With a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade with, Binance also has other digital assets such as ICO tokens for users to invest in. Including a lot of advanced features and always evolving with time, this crypto exchange is led by its leader, Changpeng Zhao.

Over 240000 BTC daily volume, the exchange supports more than 563 pairs for trading. It also has its own token, Binance coin (BNB). Using this token in exchange for the other cryptos could help users bag huge discounts as well. Offering high liquidity to its users, Binance is definitely the most trusted and reliable choice for traders.

Users can trade with more than 180 digital coins availing the lowest trading fee. Plus, the company offers around the clock support for its users. What else would you ask for?

  • Fast Processing of Trade: Using its unmatched technology, Binance offers fast trade processing with 1.4 million orders being processed every second.

  • Lowest Trading Fee: With the lowest trading fee of 0.1% in the market, the exchange is highly popular among all level of traders

  • Highest Liquidity: Offering support for a wider range of digital assets as well as fiat currencies, the exchange turns out to be the best when it comes to high liquidity.

  • Unmatched Customer Service: Customer service based out of the USA are very prompt and best in their service

  • High Security: Above all, the exchange is safe and secure. It is very reliable and millions of users trust the platform completely.

  • Restricted Services in the USA: The exchange is not accessible to many states of the USA including New York, Georgia, and few others.

One among the top exchanges, the platform is very popular among crypto traders. Huobi was founded in 2013 and since then, has been able to explore the various facets of the niche. From including multiple countries accessibility to offering users with a wide array of selection for digital coins, Huobi has become the contender for the top list when it comes to looking for legit crypto exchange.

With 0.2% of the maker as well as taker fee, the platform is one of the most competitive platforms out there. There are discounts for VIP member's levels. So, if you are looking to purchase Huobi coin (HT), you can gain access to different levels of VIP members. And, avail high discounts.

The platform also understands the importance of customer satisfaction and brings its 24 by 7 support to ensure that users have no issues when trading on Huobi. It has support for more than 130 countries and is very reliable. You can transfer funds to this platform using cryptocurrency transfers.

  • High Liquidity: With many cryptos and other digital assets to trade with, Huobi exchange offers high liquidity.

  • Very Secure: Once again, with 2-factor authentication and extensive verification process, the platform happens to be one of the most secure places to trade.

  • Education Programs: For those starting new can join the pre-education programs, an initiative by the company to offer assistance to naïve users

  • Competitive Fee: It does have a highly competitive trading fee for its users. Users find this really helpful in making the final decision when comparing with other platforms.

  • Worldwide Presence: Being accessible to more than 130 countries, the crypto exchange is spread worldwide in terms of its services

  • Low Withdrawal limits: When compared to the other platforms, Huobi allows relatively low withdrawal limits, which could be a problem for veteran traders.

  • Less English Friendly: The website information has a minimal translation for English.

Although quite new and started in 2018, HotBit has managed to become a very popular exchange among crypto users. And hence, our recommendation in the top three exchanges as well. With over 600 digital assets to trade, you can benefit from huge liquidity and other perks. Also, the platform caters to over 1 billion dollars of trade volume daily.

What separates HotBit from other exchanges is its maker’s fee. The good news is that the platform does not charge any makers’ fee. On the contrary, it rewards its users for making traders by offering 0.05% of the order.

The taker fee is also very competitive with 0.2% of the order value. In order to deposit funds, you cannot use the regular fiat currencies. You must deposit funds using cryptos. There is one more feature of HotBit that makes it such a desirable choice. It offers users current deposit interests. Hence, the investors do not require to depend on the freezing of the funds. These interests are rewarded in different currencies such as ATOM, Bitcoin, DASH, etc.

  • Wide Trading Options: Unlike a few exchanges that have very limited trading pairs to trade, this one is highly flexible in that case. With over 600 cryptos and a huge number of trading pairs, HotBit is definitely a hot choice among traders.

  • Stable Design and Platform: With a user-friendly interface and a very well designed website, it is easier to work around with options. Also, it offers high functionalities for traders as well as depth analysis for digital assets.

  • Incompetent Customer Support: The customer replies are slow and sometimes frustrating. It takes longer than other top platforms for resolving issues.

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How to Choose Bitcoin Exchanges?

Before you invest your funds in cryptos or exchange one digital coin with another, you would need to pick exchange for making that happen. In such a scenario, you must look for the right options that are good to deal with.

When finding an exchange, you must ensure that you look from all angles. So, here are few checklists you must consider before picking an exchange for trading with cryptos.

exchanges that offer services within your country. Even some of the most popular and biggest exchanges are not available for a few nations. So, you must make sure that the exchange you choose must work within your jurisdiction.

Look for Prevailing Reputation

Compare Exchange Rates

Is the Exchange Safe?

It matters a lot, isn’t it? With so many options available, you cannot randomly select the one that appears first on the Google search. Rather, you must look for reviews and assess your consideration accordingly. For instance, you must find out if the existing users are happy with the services. You should also look for how secure the platform is. Is there been any security breach that happened recently? Do users complain a lot about their problems.

Now that you have got a few options to compare, start with checking the exchange rate. There are varying trading fees across different exchanges. Sometimes, the rates differ with negligible differences. And, other times, it differs a lot. Hence, you must take into account at least three exchanges and compare them to find the most optimum for your needs.

Now, this one matters a lot! What if, the exchange that you select can be easily fooled by online hackers. Hence, you must look for the exchanges that ask you for highest level of security. For instance, is it asking for ID verification? Or, is it offering two-factor authentication? Although the registration process would take time, they would be highly secure and safe to work with. You must spend your savings where it stays safe and thrive with time.


Best Exchange Reviews

Offering the lowest trading fee for cryptos, Binance stands out as one of the most popular exchanges around the world. It supports hundreds of digital assets and is very reliable.  

Huobi exchange is another most popular crypto exchange platform among traders. Along with the highest security and tedious user verification process, it caters to trading need for more than 190 countries. 

HotBit is popular for its various perks for users making traders through the platform. It pays a 0.05% fee to makers for every trade processed through their platform. Plus, it is also very secure and to date, there have been no threats recorded.

Regular banking vs Bitcoin payments

The major difference between conventional banking systems and bitcoin payments is the way these currencies are managed. While conventional banking is a centralized system, bitcoin payments are confirmed through a decentralized network. This is often referred to as the peer to peer network.

In other words, there is no central institution or a central server approving the transactions when payments are made in bitcoin. Rather, the various nodes participating in the bitcoin mining are responsible for approving every transaction happening via bitcoin. A public ledge is maintained which is accessible to all these nodes, making the complete solution transparent. 


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