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Founded in 2018, HotBit isn’t a very old exchange. However, in just a few years, it has accumulated a lot of praises from traders around the world. Numbers do prove the same. In terms of the types of projects listed on the platform, it has already been ranked third among all the other exchanges previously. And, there are many other accolades added to its flying feather. From a variety of altcoins to trading pairs, Huobi has everything you may like to find out in your selected platform.

As of now, HotBit is a hub for over 1.5 Million users connected with the platform from 170 different countries. The matter of fact is that the users are mostly from non-Chinese nations. With its emerging popularity in such a short span, Hotbit has become one of the most emerging crypto exchanges around the world.


When considering the trading volume, Hotbit is not far from the top exchanges at all. On the contrary, it is always among the top list with millions of trades happening every day. From easy to use trading interface to great liquidity, the platform serves as a very capable contender among the top platforms around the world.


In this review, let us find out some facts about Huobi that makes it a deserving exchange among the top three platforms. We would assess the various features of the platform and other aspects making it so popular and secure.


Asset Coverage 

There is nothing you can ask for when you have got such a huge array of choices in terms of digital assets accessible through HotBit. Yes, it has more than 600 cryptos you can trade with. Not just that, it does have over 150 trading pairs and a lot of other digital assets and trading options for its users.


Hence, you can trade with multiple choices. In case you are already thinking of what next, find out other features and various perks that the exchange has to offer.


Exchange Fee


Unlike other exchanges that charge unreasonable fees, HotBit is very genuine and competitive. It charges a takers’ fee of 0.2%. Moving on, when talking about the makers’ fee, one would be surprised to know that there isn’t such a fee. On the other hand, HotBit pays 0.05% to those making traders. Gladly that is a very justified reason for users to find HotBit attractive.


When it comes to the deposit fee, the exchange does not charge any fee. It supports the deposit with over 22 cryptocurrencies. And, in regards to the withdrawal fee, its what the network charges. The platform does not charge excess to that fee.


Trading Platform 


Once again, HotBit is ready to provide a very amazing customer experience through its trading platform. Not only the platform has all the right ingredients making it highly competitive and useful, but it is also neatly designed. With a clear interface, it is very easy to find out your options quickly, without banging your head.


For beginners, this does provide a huge perk. Anyone can utilize this platform without considering the level of the expertise they hold. In short, the platform is for everyone. With simple, it does not mean that it is anything less than the platforms providing in-depth analysis for making an informed decision.


However, it is completely opposite of the one offering limited research for selected digital assets. With graphs and patterns, it lets you find out the market trends in a matter of time. You can manage your positions, set up trades, and a lot of other functionalities without needing an expert’s support.


Customer Service 


This isn’t something HotBit can boast upon. Although the customer service is responsible and takes every case seriously, you may find the response a bit delayed. However, that does not mean that they don’t care. And, they are putting efforts to further reduce the response time and bring better customer experience in terms of providing support to the users.

Also, the team is hardworking and reaches out to the customers in time of need with the right solution. Though it is rare to find any trouble when working with this platform, it is important to consider how the platform works in terms of supporting customer’s queries.

The exchange does understand that part and is working to provide better customer solutions in the coming future.




HotBit is highly transparent about its platform security and likes to brag about the ways it safeguards the funds of its users. It claims to put the highest level of security in place. To do so, HotBit makes use of a multilevel firewall system in order to monitor every single data on the platform. Moreover, like every other secure exchange, it uses a cold wallet to store funds of the users, making it inaccessible to the hands of online hackers.


Adding to that, it also has two-factor authentication to secure the transactions with the highest priority. The good news is that the ways are working magnificently for the platform. To date, there have been no threats reported against HotBit. And, this seems to be itself a proof of how secure its platform is.


Asset Coverage 

Exchange Fee

Trading Platform

Customer Support








  • Covers plenty of cryptos to trade with. It has over 600 digital assets for trading

  • Available in more than 170 nations

  • It brags over 150 trading pairs

  • Mobile trading app for iOS and Android

  • The easy yet secure verification process

  • Does not allow margin trading


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