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Huobi started in 2013, has been able to hold its popularity for such long years. All thanks to its amazing platform that manages a huge selection of altcoins and other digital assets and allows users to take great benefits from it. Trading on Huobi is interesting with the flexibility to choose between a wider array of assets and enjoy a competitive exchange fee. While all the perks are already alluring, what makes Huobi such a great choice is its secure network.

You may find the user verification process a bit lengthy and time taking, it all seems worth when considering the security, it brings with itself for our stored funds on the platform. It is not easy to stay on the top list for such a long time, especially when the inception dates back to the era when cryptocurrencies were still flourishing. Only just a few years of awareness, these digital assets were just making their mark among people around the globe.

However, it feels like it was easier for Huobi as it never gave up when bringing the best features for its traders and users. With access to multiple nations, the platform is able to create tremendous admiration among its users.

So, let us start with the various features of the platform that makes it a unique and much desirable choice among crypto traders.

Asset Coverage

If you are certain to be trading for long and wanting a platform that could get you plenty of choices, without needing to look for different exchanges, every now and then, this is where you must be. Huobi offers over 200 cryptos to trade with and has a wider array of trading pairs for its users. You can never get enough of it. Ranked among the top three exchanges, Huobi definitely has a lot to offer to its traders.

Exchange Fee


At the first look itself, you will find out how competitive the exchange is. It charges a takers’ fee of 0.2% as well as a makers’ fee of 0.2%. While this is still low as per the average standard of the niche, things get interesting further if you own Huobi native coin, HT. Yes, using HT for making transactions on the platform gets you a higher discount on these standard exchange rates.


And, if you have the VIP membership, you can bring the fee down to as low as 65%. Doesn’t that sound a lot to offer? Huobi does know how to keep customers wanting it more. And, it plays the part just right.

Trading Platform 


As expected, the platform is very intuitive. Understand the need of the hour, the exchange has included various derivative products for its traders. Apart from the institutional trading accounts, users can also enjoy the future and swap trading markets. Not just that, the platform also allows the margin trading for users. When talking about margin trading, one must know that the platform has become one of the major offerors for margin along with C2C lending.


All these facilities are combined with an exceptional interface that allows easy access to different information. One can check the detailed analysis of the cryptos and digital assets. The charts and graphs are all in place. Plus, the exchange is also available for various devices including Windows, iOS, Android as well as MAC. Making itself highly accessible and easy to reach.


Customer Service


A lot of exchanges, including the ones that have gathered huge accolades for their great performance, often lack in terms of customer support. Thankfully, that is not the case with Huobi at all. On the contrary, the exchange offers quick and prompt responses to almost every customer. And, it's not just the sales department but the technical support team as well.

Any query related to your Huobi account is served right away. At most, the platform takes an hour to respond to technical issues. This is

certainly a great addition to their overall performance.  




It starts with the high-end verification process that asks you to submit identity proof related document. And, there are many extra perks for the verified customers. This means that the platform motivates everyone to verify their account for high-end protection. Not just that, the exchange includes two-factor authentication for making every transaction secure and safe.


Huobi also has its user protection fund that it counts against the insurance for users against theft and hacks. It also understands the importance of storing funds in a cold wallet and employs the same feature to make sure that the accounts are safe against online hacks.

Overall, you can rest assured that your funds are safe and sound. We all need that kind of clarity when trading with our hard-earned money. Don’t we?


Asset Coverage 

Exchange Fee

Trading Platform

Customer Support








  • Very high liquidity

  • Access to over 130 countries

  • 24 by 7 support

  • Wider selection of cryptos and trading pairs

  • Use of English language is minimal for providing Information


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